Eve WilsonHave an AMAZING year in 2020! 

Eve Wilson is a contributor to Cristina Smith‘s Yoga for the Brain series.  An exceptionally gifted intuitive spiritual healer and trainer of Healer Practitioners, she is also a public speaker and author of Riding the Wave of Change, Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World.

What exactly are Healing and Ascension Treatments?

Healing & Ascension Treatments work with a person’s Higher Self to identify and address the opportunities behind circumstances in a person’s life. All circumstances hold contracts for personal growth and soul evolution. When contracts are fulfilled, healing happens easily. Ascension is the movement toward unity with true self which healing promotes. It is the direction of evolution for our world in this age.

How do they work?

By creating a bridge to unify the individual with their Higher Self, the planet and the Higher Power, we create a field of wholeness which provides the impulse and power for change. By working across this lifetime and other lifetimes if needed, we identify and resolve root issues in the individual and in their hereditary lines. We empower, release trauma, heal wounds and fulfill soul contracts. Clients also receive training to live in their power and increase their unity and partnership with their Higher Self and their true purpose in life.

How did you first become involved with Healing and Ascension Treatments?

I received a calling in my 20s to advertise as a healer to expand the work I had been doing intuitively as a healing massage therapist since my teens. For the past 33 years, I have been guided by the Higher Power and people’s Higher Selves to grow my skill and deepen my gifts both through doing the healing work and through training healers through my Healer & Ascension Certification Program which provides national certification for Healer Practitioners.

Who are the Healing and Ascension Treatments for? What is your target audience?

I work with individuals, couples, families, children and pets.

How do people benefit from Healing and Ascension Treatments? Please give two or three specific examples.

A boy who is now a teenager was brought to me at five months old with Cystitic Kidney Disease. He wasn’t expected to live beyond two years of age. The doctors are mystified by how healthy and normal he continues to be. We worked periodically for a couple of years and I haven’t had to work with him any more since. I learned a great deal from addressing the myriad of issues and symptoms both personal and in his hereditary lineage that allowed him to heal.

Working with people who have given their power away in relationships or who were abused as children is common in my practice. Helping them to recover and own their personal power, pleasure in life, health, ability to have good relationships and be successful in all avenues of life is such a joyful process for me. I work in a way which avoids unnecessary re-traumatization and optimizes results. My work is very efficient compared with other ways of handling these situations; requiring less frequent visits over a shorter period.

A young autistic child was brought to me, who was soon completely off that spectrum and able to live a normal life. Throughout his life we have worked to help him to move smoothly through his challenges, many of which relate to the unique way that experience influenced his development and perspective on life. He is now in high school and showing such beautiful strengths and soul qualities while succeeding academically and socially.

Tell me about your book Riding the Wave of Change.  What motivated you to write it?

Through my healing and ascension work for the world and the planet, I partner with the Higher Power to smooth our evolution and ascension. I am welcomed to see things from a higher point of view that explains why things are difficult and what we are trying to accomplish through them. I wrote Riding the Wave to give people hope for life on earth and tools for successfully surfing the changes on Earth during this time.

What is the central message of Riding the Wave of Change?

We on Earth are shifting into a new and better experience of life and the challenges we currently face are the releasing of the old so we can embrace a greater unity with true self. This is what we have longed for since the dawn of creation – the goal and purpose of this whole grand adventure.

What exactly is Yoga for the Brain?

The Yoga for the Brain books are award-winning, best-selling word puzzle books with a spiritual/educational twist. Each one has a different theme. I wrote for the one titled “Inspired Wisdom” which will be released in February of this year. In this version, each author writes a spiritual lesson which is translated into a word puzzle with a special message following successful completion of the puzzle.  They are addictive and fun ways to engage your brain in a positive focus, release stress and stimulate spiritual thought.

When and why did you decide to write for Yoga for the Brain?

As a member of an online network called The Wellness Universe, I was invited to contribute. It seemed like a great opportunity.

Who is your Number One main role model, and why?

I am an independent, guided by the Higher Power. This has always been the case, so I haven’t really sought role models. I have sought my Higher Self within and guidance from there.

Who or what is your main source of inspiration and/or motivation? What motivates you to get up in the morning?

My desire and motivation is to serve the highest good and to increase the force of unconditional love within the world though each moment of my life. I do this as a wife, mother, grandmother, and dog mom and through supporting my clients’ and students’ lives. I share it through my award-winning blog The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension and through hundreds of articles in magazines like The Body Mind Spirit Guide and Wisdom Magazine. My prayer and my wish has always been simply “love” for as long as I can recall.

What are your plans for the future with your work?

I’m currently enrolling for my next series of Healing & Ascension Monthlies starting the 9th of January 2020 and look forward to six months of empowering people and working together to help the world heal and ascend. Also enrolling for my next Healing & Ascension Certification Program class starting in 2020. Teaching stimulates my deepest growth and learning and builds new “soul muscles” for me each time.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I’m thankful for my family – my husband, daughter, grandchildren and my dog. For my good friends and for the privilege of continuing to ascend.

Please share any other information you would like to share. Final thoughts.

The new world experience is already present within us and growing stronger every day. In order to experience it we just need to focus on that; to let go of fear and choose love and trust in the outworking of greater good of all things. This is something that we can all do moment by moment. Choosing to forgive, to accept, to release judgement and to open to the clear perspective of our Higher Selves brings us into that new state of unity and wholeness.

Eve Wilson is an exceptionally gifted intuitive spiritual healer and trainer of Healer Practitioners; public speaker and author of Riding the Wave of Change, Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World.

Eve writes the international award winning blog The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension and offers many ways to heal, learn, participate and study.

For more about Eve’s work, go here to download Treasures of the Geniuses of Manifestation