Ariann Thomas

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Ariann Thomas’s family has a history of heart disease. Several of her family members have had heart attacks and other heart problems, and several have died from them.

Through using Ancestral Lineage Clearing, Ariann has helped several of her relatives to reduce the effects of heart problems and, therefore, reduce their use of meds. None of her other family members have developed heart problems.

When we change our beliefs, some of which are inherited, we can change our lives. Check out my interview with Ariann below.

Ariann Thomas, B.S., J.D., is an international healer, teacher, ceremonialist, speaker, Shaman, and hypnotherapist.

What kinds of beliefs heal and inspire the world?

The beliefs that heal and inspire the world lead us to an understanding that we are One with the Universe and each other. Our destiny as humans is to lead creative, happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives of joy, peace, abundance, and love. We are born to revel in our lives, not suffer.

Who needs the Beliefs Project? What kinds of issues or problems can be addressed and healed by this project?

Everyone needs the Beliefs Project. As we look around us, we are inundated with negative images of anguish and dysfunction of extreme division at home, at work, in our community, our nations, and across the world. This discord is created and sustained by fears and unconscious beliefs and amplified in politics, religions, economy, and media. Humanity faces the unprecedented potential for self-destruction through multiple factors including terrorism, zealotry, xenophobia, oligarchy, unbridled tech, WMDs, and climate change. Our very survival is at stake.

Only by changing our fundamental beliefs in the value of the Earth, each human being, and the other entities we share the Earth with, can we save the planet and our own lives.

When and why did you decide to start doing Ancestral Lineage Clearing? Which was your first book, and why?

I am part Cherokee on my father’s side of the family. Our family is large—1 brother and 7 sisters—and as dysfunctional as many others. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was mentally ill. I was introduced to Cherokee Medicine work when I was dying and Western medicine was unable to help me.

About 20 years ago, my family fell apart when the secret of multi-generational sexual abuse broke open. There were accusations, blame, denial, tears and name-calling. Everyone stopped speaking to each other. As the family peacemaker, I was torn. I turned to Spirit and asked for help. I was led on a 450-year Shamanic journeying to heal the curse of this sexual abuse. Spirit guided me and gave me this process that indigenous people have known for millennia to connect with our ancestors to heal the past wounds and beliefs embedded in our genetic traits.

This began my work with ancient wisdom and modern science to shift genetic patterns that cause health, relationship, wealth, and life issues. I began using this practice to heal my family and friends. Later I began a healing practice with clients sharing this ancient wisdom with others.

Spirit guided me to write my first book, Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Development (2011). This book sets forth my story about how Spirit guided me to this process and many client studies of the results clients experienced through the help of their ancestors.

Who can benefit from Ancestral Lineage Clearing? What is your target audience?

We are all born into life with memories inherited from our families and ancestors. Some of these memories are positive and some are negative. We carry their beliefs from our families’ prior lifetimes as well as being taught by them in childhood. When these beliefs interfere with our health, relationships, wealth, and happiness, then such beliefs need to be cleared, healed and released.

When beliefs change, our thoughts change, our language changes, our behavior changes and our lives change. With this, we change the world.

Anyone over the age of 25, which is the age the brain matures, can benefit from clearing ancestral beliefs. Generally, people begin to recognize the beliefs that hold them back and how they relate to family patterns when they reach their 40s and 50s. This is when they have enough perspective to see their parents, grandparents, and other family members behaviors that are similar that repeat the negative behaviors they desire to heal.

Ancestral Lineage Clearing addresses generational genetic patterns such as so-called genetic-linked health issues like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression, etc.; relationship issues like generations of divorces, abandonment, neglect, abuse, failure to support children; wealth issues such as poverty, slavery, inability to maintain a job, lack of fulfillment in work, history of bankruptcy; emotional issues such as lack of self-worth, self-esteem, connection to the Divine, trust in others, yourself, the Universe, life, and other family heritage issues that run through the generations.

What kinds of issues or problems can be addressed by Ancestral Beliefs Clearing?  Please give two or three specific examples.

A client had issues regarding being financially irresponsible and unable to manage money or life decisions. She connected to an ancestor whose parents arranged her marriage to a controlling wealthy man. In the marriage, she was a virtual prisoner with no control over herself, the household, her children, where she went or what she did. She never learned how to manage her life.

In the Journey, the ancestor chose to go to a convent when she was young to learn a skill. She chose her own husband who was a scholar. He respected her and allowed her to make decisions and control her life. The client now has the power to make positive decisions about money, jobs, relationships and life with her ancestor’s guidance.

In my own family, there is a generational history of heart disease. My mother died of a heart attack. My brother has 4 stents. My younger sister had her first heart attack at 48 and a second a year later, from which she almost died. A niece was showing early signs of heart disease in her 20s. 

After my sister stabilized, I did an ancestral lineage clearing for the family and located the original ancestor who died of a broken heart when his family was slaughtered as his village was conquered over 1500 years ago leaving only a small son. When confronted with the results of his decisions, he chose to move his family and others away from the village before the attack and lived a long and healthy life.

Since the healing and clearing 8 years ago, my sister has healed her heart and is now on minimal medication. My brother at 71 is stable and only takes blood thinners. My niece is fully recovered and there is no other evidence of heart disease in any other family member in our extensive family. 

What is/are the key message(s) you are communicating through Ancestral Lineage Clearing?

Our beliefs come from three sources:

1.  The memories we inherit from our ancestor and families embedded in our genes.

2. The beliefs we absorb from our families and environment as we are raised.

  • The culture and the world around us including the media, peers, education, institutions, the work place and our experience.

These beliefs are not static. They can be changed for the benefit of the world, ourselves and our family to produce a healthy, happy and life-supportive system or our beliefs can contribute to discrimination, chaos, despair, anguish, and self-destruction. We have the ability to choose. 

The science of epigenetics has shown that systems like ancestral lineage clearing, that change long-held beliefs can trigger positive genes. Actions like meditation, yoga, exercise, and mindfulness can prevent and repair damaged DNA. See my second book Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Reality for Ourselves and Future Generations for a further discussion. 

Who is your Number One main role model, and why?

The Dali Lama has been a role model for me for decades. He lives a life of peace and happiness. He shows kindness and love to all he meets. He promotes peace, compassion, and understanding to all nations, peoples and the Earth. 

Who or what is your main source of inspiration and/or motivation? What motivates you to get up in the morning?

I believe we can all live a life of peace, love, health, compassion and abundance. As we heal ourselves, we heal our families, and we heal the world. Many of the world’s conflicts arise from old wounds that have been unresolved for generations. When these are healed, peace will have a better chance of resolution. 

What are your plans for the future with your work?

I wish to reach more people with the message that they can heal their beliefs and their ancestors are willing to help them. Your ancestors love you and are always available for you.

I am also planning another book on Beyond DNA Testing.  This will give people a guide to how to use the results of their DNA test as a foundation to connect to the story of their personal journey in this life.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I am always grateful for my health, family, friends, clients, prosperity, the love in my life, my home, my dear cat, Gigi, and most of all my connection to Spirit. 

Please share any other information you would like to share. Final thoughts

Know that you are always loved by the Divine. You are entitled to health, prosperity and abundance, joy and love in this life on Earth as your birthright as a Divine Child of God. You can ask for these gifts. Believe they will come and be open to accept them. Be grateful when you receive them. Healing is always yours for the asking from the Divine. Support is available from many sources. 

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