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holistic healing for the coronavirusAnita Lucia Briggs is a spiritual counselor, metaphysician, healer, and creator of the Inner Mastery Tools which she developed and taught for years. For over 30 years, she studied metaphysics, eventually clarifying her quest, to liberate body and life from programming in order to experience the boundless potential that is ours to discover.holistic healing for the coronavirus

What exactly is DNA Clearing and Activation?

Our DNA is a biological structure that responds to thought, emotion, and intention carried on our words, while it also limits or empowers these. Distorted thoughts of victimhood and limitation, living less than the highest we are capable of, as well as hostile environmental influences can cause breaks in the DNA– lowering consciousness.

 The DNA consists of chambers of sound and frequency encased in electrical structures, and the structure is rigid when we are limited by belief systems and run by negative emotions.   Through the clearing and activations, the DNA changes from rigid to more fluid, and in the ideal, it is like an ever-blossoming ‘flower’ (referred to as the  ‘DNA Rose'(*)) or fountain of light, that yields boundless capacities.

Nothing can manifest in our outer reality, that is not activated in the DNA. When the DNA is fluid and activated, then life can be fluid and expand without bounds.  Then the enlightened qualities of others, for example, can begin to activate in us through our heart-felt appreciation and admiration of them, bypassing the need for years of inner work or skill acquisition to get there.  DNA does not operate in a linear way, and its fluidity makes anything possible.  This opens us to a whole new reality where we grow by mutual alchemical ignition and no longer operate in competition.  DNA was intended to be the fractal patterns of ever greatness, through our embrace of the full human potential. No artificial intelligence can come close to the power of the DNA once healed and activated.

The DNA program that I offer delivers repair and activation of the DNA, so that it becomes a fluid, evolving, a structure that is able to support the full human potential and beyond. The essential methods used are the original work of the great Seer Almine, and the full program that I developed supports the process of embodying the activations to a greater depth.

* The DNA Rose is a term used by the great Seer Almine.

How does DNA Clearing and Activation work?

The DNA clearing and activation is done as a series of 6 remote healing/activation sessions, which  I do on the client, at an appointed time. With each of 6 sessions, the DNA is repaired and activated at successive levels.  First the pain body is removed, which is like a magnetic field surrounding the DNA. Then core illusion of time/space are cleared, illusions about unfairness of life, inequities, etc.  The levels of clearing an activating operate on successive rows of the DNA Rose.

With each sessions, the client receives a link to a page of materials to work with, to deepen the activations done, and establish pristine space around them so they are not being reprogrammed.

The main modality is Belvaspata, an angelic healing modality that heals through Light and Frequency, delivering profound blessings that a person opens up through the audios given between the sessions. 

I then add other alchemical DNA processes to clear the meridians, and open to regeneration and abundance.

Sessions are spaced out by about 10-14 days, to allow for deeper integration of each session. Clients also receive tools to clear their space and keep it free of interference, to clear mind control, and meditations to shift perspective no matter what and when, and to activate a field of hope in the Heart.

When and why did you decide to start doing DNA Clearing and Activation?

I started when I realized that nothing can change in our life that is not supported at the level of the DNA. Then as I explored more, I realized how critically foundational this piece of the healing puzzle is.

While the activations are powerful, it does require a person to actively participate and live from higher insights gained. I also recommend doing the Emotional Alchemy Program to break the hypnotic spell of the reality of separation we’ve been in, which causes negative emotions.  When we are fully expressing the Song of our Hearts, negative emotions are no longer possible. And that Song evolves the DNA as well, which then impact on our depth and breadth of living.

What is your target audience? Who are the people who can benefit most from DNA Clearing and Activation?

Anyone who feels motivated to really change their lives. Not just to improve things—this is not the law of attraction work to get the things we think we want, which cannot truly fulfill. My work is about radical change and living from our true self emerging that is without limits—it’s about the whole being thriving.

My preference is to work with those who are motivated to do the inner work necessary between sessions…who are devoted to their self-evolution no matter what it takes!

The great news is that life is changing profoundly as it has never done before. So healing efforts to have the true self emerge will now have a much greater impact than ever before. We are invited to take the ‘leap’ into a whole new reality, but to get there, the old patterns have to be shed.  Nothing of the old can be brought forth into the new. We are re-birthing in our boundless selves.

Please give two or three concrete examples of how people have benefited from DNA Clearing and Activation

Clients have reported many changes, ranging from healing of hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, depression, to awakening to inner sight and deeper intuition. Most notice greater clarity, emotional equanimity, greater calm and resilience.

One client had anxiety and dread upon waking for years, and this dissipated through the program. Another person reported that the rigidity in her body (arthritis) was not there throughout the program and for a few months afterwards. It since came back  to some degree as she didn’t keep up the shifts in perspective. The other client whose anxiety left has been able to sustain the changes, as he has fully committed to a new way of living. 

Please tell us about any other method you particularly want to emphasize, and how it helps people.

I teach a groundbreaking process of Emotional Alchemy, which liberates a person from the hypnotic spell of negative emotions, and frees emotion as a power to co-create our personal heaven on earth. This process is deeply healing to the Inner Child and empowering beyond measure. It is accessible to anyone interested in healing their ‘issues’

I will be offering a program in that in future; for now, I do it in one-on-one sessions which are very profound. Clients receive meditations to work with, to deepen the session work. The whole process can be taught in about 3 sessions (may vary depending on the person).

Who is your Number One main role model, and why?

The one and only being that I know who models full potential in expression to me is my mentor, the great Seer Almine. She has been my inspiration for that last 7 years.  She is a shining example of one who lives her highest truth, incomplete surrendered trust to Source. 

Who or what is your main source of inspiration and/or motivation? What motivates you to get up in the morning?

The mystical journey of life motivates me. Nothing gives me as much joy as revelations of the mystery of existence. I used to wake up to face the density around me, and was motivated by my devotion to my children—I was determined to find what was real and not the illusion we were programmed into believing, so I could liberate them into a new world.

And all has changed in recent times as we stand on the cusp of the greatest reality-shift in eons. I live this exploratory life 24/7, and finally, each day holds the promise of magic and great discoveries.

What are your plans for the future with your work?

I have so many things I’ve created that are not packaged into products yet. My goal is to get it all up and accessible, then to open a Mystery School—the Academy of Alchemy, and invite all who hear the call to a new reality, to explore powerful tools on the journey to limitlessness.  My big focus right now is on how to manifest in this new reality, because it is completely the inverse of anything being taught in mainstream. It is radically different from the law of attraction and powerfully evolutionary.

I want to devote more time to training practitioners in Emotional Alchemy, Fragrance Alchemy, the divination/manifestation systems from Almine.  I will be offering more online programs to get people up-to-speed so that they can explore the many offerings. My vision is to gather a community of like beings awakening to their full potential and do a monthly online event.

Also, I foresee live retreats where we gather and manifest grand visions for all life.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Infinitely grateful for the new reality that is emerging presently. I have been questing for it consciously for the last 10 years…subconsciously all my life and beyond. And it is finally here!  And I wake up each morning in gratitude that I get to teach and share this with others who feel to leave the old reality behind.  I get to immerse myself in the exploration every day as my ‘work’!

Please share any other information you would like to share. Final thoughts.

I invite all who feel the call to become more fully expressed, to explore the work. There is way out of limiting patterns, and the answer to all that you quest is your emerging Self. You will find as you embark on the path of true healing, that life wishes for you all that you wish for yourself because when you are liberated to sing your Song of Self, you become an evolutionary catalyst for all life. 

I wish for all who are feeling suppressed to connect to your perfection within and reclaim your innocence. Your life has unfolded in flawless perfection, and when all your experiences are mined for the gems they hold, the stories simply dissolve, and the old dream gives way to a new one of your choosing.

Anita Lucia is offering a small series of 3-centers (Head, Heart, Gut) alignment audio meditations along with a pdf.  For details, go here to download Treasures of the Geniuses of Transformation.

Anita Lucia, DCEd, MSc, DAc, RET

Anita Lucia is a consciousness catalyst devoted to the cutting edge of what is possible–liberating body/soul/spirit to be able to manifest a powerful life through awakened presence beyond the laws of compensation and polarity.  She will be launching a new initiative, the Academy of Alchemy–a mystery school dedicated to the practical application of these incredible teachings and tools of manifesting higher life.