Welcome to Geniuses of Transformation! 


We are delighted to be offering a series of interviews with mind/body/spirit authors and practitioners.  Plus wisdom from pioneers in the mind/body/spirit field, and from geniuses  whose lives continue to inspire us. 

Many of our Geniuses of Transformation are skilled, experienced holistic healers and can help you and support you with issues arising from the coronavirus covid-19 outbreak and lockdown.  We can help you with issues including financial challenges, as well as mental, physical and emotional healing. 

The Geniuses of Transformation are keen to share this knowledge and wisdom with you. 

Geniuses of Transformation includes interviews with, and wisdom from, many of those who have uplifted and inspired us, including: 

And many more! 

All of those interviewed for Geniuses of Transformation are dedicated to inspiring you and supporting you to transform your life in radical ways.  They include some of the giants and pioneers in the field of mind/body/spirit, as well as other people who have devoted their lives to helping us to transform ourselves and our lives. 

Some of these geniuses are still with us; others have moved on, but have left us with their wisdom and with a legacy of transformation and growth.